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NH with an increase of over 48 percent

RTL Nieuws is once again leading the list of the top pages in June with over 1.9 million interactions in total., with a recent decrease of 6,1 %, still holds the second place with over 1.4 million interactions as well. The main success in the month of June within the Top 10 performing group was achieved by NH with an increase of over 48 percent due to its number 1 post that went viral (see below). The public broadcasting station which focuses mainly on news from the province of North Holland, lifted up in his performance by 5 ranks and 361.000 interactions.

In contrast, AT 5 had to deal with the greatest failure within the Top 15 group this month. Amstel Television 5’s online strategy was not quite successful this month. The outcome of this is 5 ranks down in the ranking and a decrease of -18 percent in June.

Top Dutch posts in June

The top posting in June was achieved by NH Media with a sad picture story with the title „Automobilist richt bloedbad aan onder jonge gansjes in Onderdijk“. NH attained 93.000 interactions in total for this post, it was shared 2.000 times and received 439 likes.

Please note: The website Omroep Brabant should be fairly higher in the ranking but wasn’t measured properly due to a data problem.

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