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This is how the „Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ)“ uses the Storyclash API

The SZ recently published a considerable study about how the within Facebook emerging filterbubbles are able to decide political elections. For that, the SZ analyzed nearly 5000 users and more than one million likes over a period of 6 months. The outcome of the study is a series of articles called „the Facebook Factor“, the necessary data was gathered by using the Storyclash API.

Approaching the Facebook-algorithm

By doing extensive research work, the SZ has approached to the Facebook algorithm for modeling the timeline of a user. For that purpose, Facebook sites which have been liked most of the people who also liked a political party, have been identified. Based on this lists, the Storyclash API was used to analyze the most successful post of the respective milieus. These lists have been made publicly available. Right here you can read more about the detailed course of action of SZ.

Storyclash API as data base

The Storyclash API also provides data for the filterbubble-simulator which is part of this project. For that, the 50 posts of a milieu with the best performance factor over the last 24 hours had been evaluated by the API and had been cleared with the significance-factor for a party. After that, the 30 most relevant posts could be shown and are updated every hour. The data will be kept up-to-date until the Bundestag-elections. The simulator allows, for instance, to compare the newsfeed of a CDU fan with the one of an AfD fan respectively to compare newsfeeds of completely different milieus.

Filterbubble-Simulator: Newsfeed von CDU und AfD Anhängern im Vergleich

Filterbubble-Simulator: Comparison of the newsfeed of a CDU and an AfD fan

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Here’s the link to the study by SZ (German only):

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