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In the beginning of 2017 „Geniale Technik” (meaning: “Ingenious technology”) started off in the social media world with a clearly defined but very far-fetched goal. The aim was to create a Facebook fan page with a particularly wide outreach and specific subjects with a total budget of only 10,000 euro and within a very short time span.

After some initial research, the theme selection was finalized and „Technology & Gadgets“ was chosen as superordinate interest area. Subsequently, the plans were further discussed and more tangible steps were decided upon. The total budget for the new site was determined to be 10,000 euro and the target group was also roughly defined. The site aimed to reach technically active people within the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. Some questions nevertheless remained, for example with which content and which formats this target group should be reached – and how the content should be created in the best possible manner.

Let us tell you first that the already high targets were clearly exceeded!

Three steps to a high reach and more interactions

The key to achieving these ambitious goals was found by the „Geniale Technik” team when using „Storyclash Insights“. In three simple steps this tool helps to achieve an enormous outreach and a high engagement of the users, both of which are created organically and are thus budget-friendly. How exactly this tool works, will be explained in the following success story of „Geniale Technik”!

Reach Boost #1: It’s all about content!

Nothing animates the already existing fan base more to interact than constantly new, viral, relevant content that is as unique as possible. If the content is decided upon, it has to be presented in an appealing and creative manner – only in this way it incentivizes the users to interact.

Content Discovery: It's all about content!

This is exactly what helps to boost the outreach organically and therefore it has a positive effect on the budget. The keyword in this context is „Data-Driven Content Discovery“ which is exemplified by smart tools like „Storyclash Insights”. This is where content that serves as a basis for posts (like the one below) is discovered:

The social media analysis tool „Storyclash Insights” makes it possible to do a sound subject research worldwide in a relatively short period of time. In order to choose effectively, relevant content is monitored and, based on defined KPIs such as the interaction rate, the absolute interactions or the type of reactions, the decision is made as to whether this content is relevant to the target group. Through defined alerts, this process can even be largely automated. Alerts can be set so that they are triggered when threshold values are exceeded. Editors are of course automatically informed about those alerts.

Reach Boost #2: First come – first served!

If an appropriate content is identified, it is crucial to post it BEFORE competitors do, especially when they have the same or a similar target group. In case the editorial team of „Geniale Technik” discovers exciting stories in the US or anywhere else in the world, they first check in advance whether or not this content has already been published in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) area. If this is not the case, the news are immediately processed and spread to the public. The most important part of the success story and at the heart of all the attention is the publisher himself or herself, who manages to be the first in the target market and to spread the relevant insights. This leads to a higher organic outreach. Any like, comment, and especially any share, increases the organic outreach exponentially!

As already mentioned, „Storyclash Insights” helps you to deal with the critical factor of time. When using the groundbreaking tool, more decision-making time for the editorial team will be gained and the flawlessly prepared content is ready before the story takes off in its own target market.

Reach Boost #3: Format!

It is also crucial in order to be successful in social media to adopt the content format specifically to the target group. Using „Storyclash Insights” it is possible to analyze which content formats have good interaction rates when comparing similar pages. If this is analyzed over a longer period of time, a data-driven decision can be made about the right content format. In the case of „Geniale Technik”, the decision was to choose one-minute videos with German subtitles optimized for mobile devices in a square format. The subtitles help the viewer to understand better what is displayed, especially if there is no way to watch the video with the sound on. The square format helps to achieve an optimal depiction on the mobile device in a portrait as well as in a landscape format.

The success of Geniale Technik” in figures

The editorial team of „Geniale Technik” strictly adhered to the approach described above in setting up its Facebook fan page with the same name. Let us take a look back at the baseline of these developments. „Geniale Technik” started off with a budget of 10,000 euros, 0 fans and accordingly 0 outreach activities in February 2017.

The managing director of the CDA publishing house, the company behind „Geniale Technik”, stated: „Without Storyclash we would not have achieved this enormous outreach in such a short period of time. The tool shows us where things are happening and gives us the opportunity to keep up with the big names in the industry such as GiGadget or TechInsider. In the German-speaking market, we became THE technology-influencer with the help of the tool – and we achieved all of this only within a very short time frame.“

Only six months later, „Geniale Technik” recorded an astounding number of 130,000 fans in the German-speaking area, including Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Whereas the number of fans can be driven up on Facebook relatively quickly, it is even more crucial that these fans also interact with the fan page continuously. This is the only way to achieve a high organic outreach – and thus the set financial objectives. With the help of „Storyclash Insights”, these goals were significantly exceeded! In terms of video interactions, „Geniale Technik” is clearly leading the ranking of the Tech – Facebook fan pages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Gemessen an Video-Interaktionen steht Geniale Technik klar an der Spitze der Tech-Seiten im DACH-Raum

Already in July 2017 „Geniale Technik” reached about 5 million users per month which triggered approximately 150,000 interactions and up to 5 million video requests per month! Up to this point, only 50% of the budget, so about € 5,000, was used up. Particularly noteworthy is that this money was not used primarily to promote individual contributions, but the „Geniale Technik” fan page itself. The following chart shows the increase in the daily outreach of „Geniale Technik” on Facebook.

Stark gestiegenen Reichweite bei Geniale Technik durch Storyclash Insights
This proves in a unique way that just with a small budget, brand, company and media sites can be promoted and through data-driven social publishing enormous trust of the consumer to the company can be established and strengthened!

Growth boost through Storyclash

The Storyclash social media monitoring tool can, of course, also be used as a sourcing tool for any other industry and topic. Convince yourself and look at the most viral posts now without registration!

Jetzt zum kostenlosen starten!

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