Using current Data Driven Insights, we rank German insurance companies based on their online content with the most platform interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized from all likes, shares, comments and reactions obtained by trending articles. Read on to find out who ranks at the top of this month’s Insurance Ranking Germany!

Tight race for German insurance brands on social media

Generali Deutschland AG took the number 1 spot with just over 20.000 total interactions in April, but DAK-Gesundheit wasn’t very far behind. The latter recorded 19.925 interactions across its social networks, so it was a very close race; even 3rd place AGILA Haustierversicherung (18.137 interactions) stayed within competitive range… It will be interesting to see if the Top 3 keep up their pace next month or if BARMER and HUK-COBURG mount a comeback.

A fitness video titled “Fit with Angie” collected over 4.000 YouTube interactions for Generali DE! You might want to wear a sweatband before pressing play:


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