A media fairy tale became reality: miss, an Austrian-based women’s medium, was about to fold in 2014. Just 6 months later, however, miss.at became the most visited women-specific portal in Austria. Now, 4 years later, miss gains the most interactions among publishers in Austria. Read our success story to find out how a project change and a 100% focused strategy on social media turned the wheel.


miss – masters of viral content

If you’re into social media strategies then you’ve certainly come across the saying „content is king.“ The creative team of miss takes this seriously: they are producing creative and unique content day by day which is perfectly aligned with their audience. Therefore, how to perfectly reach their target group was precisely defined and analyzed. Their audience mainly consists of female millennials, meaning young women between 16 and 35 years old. Audience engagement is measured with Storyclash Insights in real-time.

„Our main task at miss is to create unique viral content which is perfectly aligned with our target group. Therefore telling a story that fits in our audience’s everyday life is an important factor.“

Moni Affenzeller, CEO missMedia GmbH

With Facebook’s recent news feed change, „content is king“ matters even more now, and miss knows exactly how important their well-defined target groups are in navigating the future of social content on Facebook. In fact, missMedia’s Jochen Hahn analyzed Facebook’s News Feed update earlier this month:

„Anyone who builds a well-defined target group as a community on Facebook and publishes tailor-made and relevant, interactive content will also be able to generate organic reach on Facebook in the future.

But if you simply blow everything out on Facebook or shut down pure, classic advertising, you will lose any organic reach and have to invest heavily in inorganic ranges.“

Jochen Hahn, CEO missMedia GmbH

miss is keen on keeping their social media crown, so they’ll continue generating high value organic reach by engaging fans within their specific target audience through the quality content that they have come to know and love.

Master KPI: fan engagement

Within the last 3 years, the miss team implemented a system that is optimized towards a master KPI. The highest priority is to increase their average daily fan-engagement, to keep it respectively high. For this reason, the content is created as an engagement-rocket:

A post provides the topic within a short status message that is supported by an image, animated GIF or video. The interactions created by the audience as comments, likes and shares bring the topic to life. The figures prove that the concept is successful: 13% of the almost 500,000 Facebook fans interact with the content daily. No other women’s medium shows high engagement rates in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

By using this system, miss gained 1.3 billion impressions, 8.1 million reactions (likes, love, angry…), 1.8 million comments and 280,000 shares from January to May 2017. These numbers kept trending upward for the remainder of the year: 3.5 billion impressions, 11.7 million reactions, 6.4 million comments and 898,000 shares were the media company’s social engagement totals by the close of 2017. At 14%, average fan engagement increased overall by 4% compared to the previous year.

Interactions are dramatically growing since the use of Storyclash Insights. Within the first 6 months, interactions grew from about 750,000 up to an incredible 2.1 million, and miss further solidified their social media dominance by winning a Storyclash Social Media Award 2017 just last month. Pulling in nearly 20 million interactions for the year, miss‚ substantial lead in our social media rankings accentuates a milestone occasion in the media outfit’s overall growth story:

at_1stplace (1)

Real-time monitoring with Storyclash

To track the performance in real-time and for historical benchmarking with competitors, miss uses Storyclash Insights. The major goal of miss is to become a permanent leader measured by interactions. Storyclash helps to monitor related media and all relevant KPIs like engagement, fan-growth, interactions and much more, in real-time but also chronologically over any period of time. This helps to bring transparency to the media landscape and to analyze it. The insights are used directly to align and adjust the content strategy.

„Storyclash empowers us to track and monitor our competitors much faster and to understand what performs best within our communities. It furthermore enables us to compare our performance to other relevant mediums. Both allow us to continuously improve our performance and optimize our content.“

Jochen Hahn, CEO missMedia GmbH

Until now, the most successful post of miss in 2017 is a wedding proposal at the beach. This post is responsible for almost 100,000 interactions!

High reach, high revenue

Even if reach and interactions are high, revenue is important as well. The figures miss provides are astounding: in 2016 they gained their highest print-revenue within 5 years. Online and offline sales increased by 19% in 2017, with the former category contributing to more than 50% of their total revenue, proving that native digital advertising is still their bread and butter (according to Affenzeller and Hahn, sales in this category increased by 45% to 1.13 million euros).

Further growth is expected in 2018 with the addition of missMind, their new in-house agency which provides „tailor-made content creation, campaign and community management as well as transparent KPI reporting.“ With their continued use of Storyclash Insights, miss is well-equipped to keep driving growth in a positive direction.

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