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It sounds like a media fairy tale , but it is a reality – the woman medium miss what about to die in mid-2014, and only six months later what the most accessible women’s portal in Austria. Today, almost 3 years later, is the most interactive publisher in Austria . In our Success Story, we explain a change project, including its 100% focus on social media, turned things around.

miss - the viral content forge

miss – the viral content forge

If you deal with social media strategies, you always fall back on the core message „Content is King“. Miss’s creative team takes this saying seriously: It creates creative content that is as unique as possible and aligns with the target group. This is exactly what I have defined and analyzed in the target group. It is mainly of female millennials, ie young women between 16 and 35 years. The engagement is tracked with storyclash insights in real time.

It’s all about storytelling, which fits into the daily lives of users!“
Said Moni Affenzeller, Managing Director of missMedia GmbH

Master KPI: fan engagement

For the past 3 years, miss’s team has implemented a system optimized for a master KPI. The ultimate daily goal is to increase and increase the average daily fan engagement. The content is prepared in such a way that it functions as a „commitment rocket“
. For a short status message, which is supported by a picture element, animated GIF or short video. Interactions and comments are the actual content of the topic.
The success is impressive: 13% of the almost 500,000 Facebook fans interact daily with the content. Such high commitment values can not be found in any other women’s medium in the DACH area.

From January to May 2017, 1.3 billion visual contacts, 8.1 million reactions (likes, love, angry …), 1.8 million comments and 280,000 shares were generated on Facebook. The above-described approach to content creation generates much higher user engagement than long posts or stories on a topic.

There has been tremendous growth in interactions since the use of Storyclash Insights . In the first 6 months of Storyclash Insights, increased from approximately 750,000 to approximately 2.1 million.

Storyclash effect on miss

Real-time monitoring with storyclash

For real-time performance measurement and historical benchmarking with competing media, Miss Storyclash Insights is used. The explicit goal is to be the absolute number one point of interaction. Storyclash helps to compare and compare all relevant KPIs such as engagement, fan-growth, and many more in real-time, but historically. This helps to bring transparency into the digital media landscape and to analyze it. The insights flow directly into the content strategy.

Jochen Hahn, Managing Director of missMedia, says: „Storyclash allows us to measure our views on how to do it .

Incidentally, this is a video of a marriage on the beach. Alone, this post accounts for almost 100,000 interactions.

Long range, high sales

Reach and interactions are not everything, even have sales to be generated. The figures from miss are significant: in 2016, the highest print ad revenue for 5 years was achieved, but this will be surpassed again this year. In 2017 the total turnover will amount to about 3 million Euros. Digital monetises like no other medium in Austria. The ratio of print to digital is 45:55. The digital turnover, which is 2 to 3 by native forms of advertising, outweighs so.

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