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Social Media Ranking France: Top 3 remain unchanged

Purepeople climbed up incredible 30 ranks and right into the Top 30 of the Social Media Ranking France with almost 1 million social interactions.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: Voetbalzone shoots itself into the Top 3

Voetbalzone enters the Social Media Ranking Netherlands by reaching the fabulous 3rd place with 2.3 million interactions in total.

You Should Benchmark Your Competition

Comparing yourself to other companies through Benchmarking can help you to improve your brand. We show you how to get the best out of it – with the help of Storyclash Insights!

Surviving Facebook’s Feed Change

We analyzed how the Facebook Feed Change has affected media companies and how you can prevent those effects with Storyclash.

Media fairy tale: how miss became #1 on Facebook in Austria!

The woman magazine miss became Austria’s portal with the most interactions within only 6 months – with the help of Storyclash!

Social Interactions on Instagram are Outpacing Facebook

If you look at the recent data on Facebook & Instagram, you can see that Interactions on Instagram are outpacing Facebook over time.

Social Media Ranking Deutschland: Jungsfakten gelingt auf Anhieb Sprung in Top 10

Mit lustigen Sprüchen wurde J.u.n.g.s.f.a.k.t.e.n zum Shooting-Star des neuen Social Media Rankings Deutschlands im Januar!

Social Media Ranking Österreich: Mehr Interaktionen zum Jahresanfang

Im Januar gab es wieder ein Plus von 8,3 Prozent auf insgesamt 12.566.141 Interaktionen.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: NH Nieuws with Top Performance

The Top-Performance of the month was achieved by NH Nieuws with an increase of 24,2 % and 279.828 social interactions.

Social Media Ranking France: Cooking videos are the new trend in France

ChefClub is the new leader with 7.6 Mio. interactions in January while 20 Minutes falls back to the 2nd place.

Social Media Ranking US: E!Online pushes into Top 10

E! Online pushes into the Top 10 by climbing up 8 ranks with an increase of 103,2% and over 50 million interactions.

Social Media Ranking UK: Top-Post shows epic fail

After taking the lead last month, UNILAD is still the #1 with 159 million interactions, but closely followed by The LAD Bible with 147 million interactions.