We’ve got an update for you!

We proudly present the following features:

    Keyword search:

      We are happy to announce that Storyclash has an improved search functionality in Trending Posts and Site Details. You can now search for hashtags, URLs, and combine an unlimited amount of keywords with “and” or “or” as logical inputs.
      e.g. (Apple and Microsoft) or (BMW and Audi)

      Furthermore we have implemented a wildcard search, which means you can now use * to replace or represent one or more characters.
      e.g.polit* includes the results “politician, political, politics,…”

      We also released:

        • Youtube interactions are now also being counted in total interactions aswell and the Youtube video views can now be analyzed in Site Details.
        • Data quality enhancement
        • Performance improvement
        • Live Updates can now be paused for the purpose of making screenshots

        Try New Features

        Have fun with the new features!

        (CEO Storyclash)

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