Using current Data Driven Insights, we rank the German retail sector based on their online content with the most platform interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized from all likes, shares, comments and reactions obtained by trending articles. Read on to find out who ranks at the top of this month’s Retail Ranking Germany!

dm and IKEA lead while DEPOT drops to 4th

Just last month EDEKA suffered a 33% decrease in total social media interactions, falling in the May ranking to 7th place. Well this month the German supermarket is back on its stride with 213.363 interactions on a +112% performance, re-establishing the 3rd place position it held onto in the past. This means that DEPOT had to slide down to 4th place… yet even with all of this rank-changing action occurring below dm-drogerie markt and IKEA, the two German retail chains have kept their consistently firm grip on the top spots.

The Top Post? EDEKA’s devilishly tempting photo of „Black Forest Cherry Cake“ slices on Instagram, which soaked up a scrumptious total of nearly 80.000 interactions (yes—we’re drooling too):

Note: You can switch between the different content-types in the Top Posts section below. You can also click on the posts to view them.

Note: Some posts are older than the month in question, but still have enough interactions in that period to be ranked.

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