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BrightVibes contributes another Top Post

With 1.7 million interactions, slides back into the Top 5, pushing RTL Nieuws down to 6th place in the Netherlands Social Media Ranking. Similar to February, and RUMAG retain the number 1 and number 2 spots after both brands continue to increase their interaction totals month by month. Voetbalzone keeps its newly acquired 3rd place spot after also increasing total interactions to 2.5 million, while NOS manages to stay in 4th despite a -7.6% dip in their interactions for March.

The Top-Performance of the month was achieved by The Next Web, a tech website which launched when its founders were tooling with the idea for their TNW Conference back in 2006. The tech media company headquartered in Rotterdam climbed up 10 ranks to reach 12th place with 567.805 total interactions!

The Top-Post of the month comes from BrightVibes’ Facebook page: an image of a painted sign with the words ”Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter. Remember that.” The post received over 337.000 interactions in total, which makes sense considering the content’s inspirational value.

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