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RUMAG falls out of Top 5

The five top-ranked Netherlands media sites for the month of April have been slightly shifted around by the re-emergence of RTL Nieuws, this month at number 3 with 1.4 million interactions. While is still 1st place by a large margin, Voetbalzone and RTL squeeze into the top three due to RUMAG’s descent to number 8 (a -68.8% change from the month prior). 

The Top-Performance of the month goes to Omroep West, a regional Dutch broadcaster which climbed an impressive 24 ranks last month to reach spot number 33 in the Social Media Ranking with 171.135 total interactions! The Top-Post of the month was a news article by De Telegraaf which asserted that women need more sleep because their brains work harder; the post received over 86.600 combined interactions across Facebook and Twitter.

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