The Easter season is coming up and like every year, many people will take advantage of the upcoming holidays by flying on vacation. Storyclash takes the upcoming holiday season as an opportunity to rank the most important Airlines on their Social Media presence based on the online content with the most social media interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized from all likes, shares, comments and reactions obtained by trending articles. Storyclash tracks billions of social media interactions worldwide and enables publishers, online media newsrooms and brands to discover viral articles, watch competitors in real-time and make data-driven decisions to get more engagement on social media. In the ranking, only passenger airlines will be considered, therefore no cargo airlines are listed.

Qatar Airways just ahead of Emirates Airlines

Qatar Airways managed to take the leading position in the Social Media Ranking of International Airlines by achieving 1.175.547 interactions during the month of February. Just like most other airlines, the biggest part of the interactions (67 %) was achieved on the platform Instagram (hover over the numbers with your mouse to see more detailed statistics). The second place goes to Emirates Airlines with 1.090.391 social interactions and the third place goes to Delta Air Lines with 697.877 interactions.

Delta Air Lines climbs up to the 3rd rank thanks to Top Post of the month

Speaking of Delta Air Lines, the American airline with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is also the top-performer of the month with an increase of 422,9 % compared to the previous month of January. Delta Air Lines climbed up 12 ranks and now holds the incredible third place and all because of one simple post on Twitter that went viral like crazy. In this post, Delta Air Lines is ending the contract with the NRA, that got repeatedly discredited lately.

That post totally hit the nerve of the people and generated incredible 589.802 social interactions in total.

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