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The LAD Bible is back on the social media throne

After leading the Social Media Ranking UK for two months straight, UNILAD has to make room for the new leader of the ranking: The LAD Bible! The site about viral videos and trending content fought its way back to the top position with incredible 127 million interactions. UNILAD follows on the second place with 109 million interactions and VT on the third place with almost 50 million interactions.

The Top-Performance of the month was achieved by Viral Motion with an increase of 86,4 % compared to the previous month of January. The Facebook page with mostly funny videos and pictures climbed up 11 ranks and now holds the 15th place with 5.079.819 social interactions.

The Top-Post of the month is a video of The LAD Bible showing a giraffe that sticks out its tongue. No more and no less. The video has gone viral by generating 1.6 million interactions and over 742.000 shares alone (click on the top post to view the video).

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