Storyclash regularly publishes rankings of Social Media Trends by covering online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes shares, comments and reactions that trending articles obtain.

In cooperation with MediaShift, we have put together trending articles with the most interactions in January.

The Huffington Post once again on top spot

Below is a look at the top stories and publishers for the month of January. The Huffington Post took a lead in January with almost 28 Million social media interactions followed by USA Today and CNN. The top story of the month is an article that helps women detect breast cancer with the help of one simple photo. This helpful article went viral with over 1,2 Million interactions in January alone.

Note: You can read any of the top posts by simply clicking on them.

Note: Some articles may be older than the concerning month, but still get enough interactions in the corresponding period to be listed above.

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