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Travador, a Munich-based travel startup, knows the importance of social media. Read on to discover how Storyclash plays a vital role in their social media success story!

  • Facebook is Travador’s essential social network while Instagram is their secret weapon
  • Paying special attention to target groups, they have rejuvenated their target audience with the help of Storyclash
  • The brand’s Instagram interaction numbers are at an all-time high
  • Travador has developed a winning social media formula to validate their consistent success in our German Startup Ranking

The startup economy is known for its challenging survival conditions. While the “8 out of 10 startups fail” statistic may or may not be true, it reveals just how risky starting a company can be. Travador is one of those companies.

In March of 2013, Travador launched into a bubbling German startup market with hopes of establishing traction in the travel industry. Five years later, they’ve grown exponentially thanks in part to a diligent social media strategy.

The importance of social media

These days social media is baked into every business model without hesitation; it’s something that has become so second-nature that people don’t even think about it. In today’s travel industry, it’s easy to forget that interactive communication channels weren’t always a part of the business. Now more than ever, travel companies are held to a high standard of transparency and customer service.

For Travador, knowing from the very beginning how essential social media would be for their marketing plans was key to their success. Social media is also an important sales channel for the startup, especially when it comes to “extraordinary travel” (think romantic cuddle hotels and new infinity pools). They really hit their stride on Facebook in mid-2016 and have grown that number substantially since then.

“Social media is one of the most important marketing channels for us. We really discovered social media in July 2016 when we reached the first big milestone with 200,000 fans on Facebook.”

Johannes Sehring – CEO, Travador

Right now, Facebook is Travador’s most essential social network.

The startup is able to reach up to 2 million people with their content on any given day (plus an additional 600.000 users if we include Instagram). Its ability to connect and engage with people on multiple levels is a major factor, validating the actual social element of the online social media service. Recently Instagram has also proved to be very important for Travador, as the FB-owned app fulfills a support role while Facebook itself experiences declining organic reach.

“(With Facebook) we have the opportunity to interact directly with our customers and fans, get feedback and build personal relationships. In addition, Facebook offers many opportunities to promote our offers as well as publish job advertisements, events and news.”

Katharina Spazierer – Head of Marketing, Travador

Target groups – define & refine

As we dive deeper into their social media success, Travador highlights several key points when it comes to defining target groups:

  • Establish your target group early
  • Rejuvenate your target audience
  • Cater to that target group’s interests

Facebook Audiences

For Travador, their target group was dominantly female right from the beginning. Defining this early on meant they could jump straight into the refinement process, establishing everything from statistical benchmarks to active and overlapping industries / interests or even key influencers whom the target group might be following.

One process which separates Travador’s social media strategy from others is how they continued to manage their target group even after it was already defined:

“We were able to rejuvenate (our target audience) significantly through social media, and so our core target group today is predominantly female, between 25 and 34 years old… Our content refers to all topics that interest and currently attract this target group – i.e. travel, food and fashion, with the focus of course being on travel.”

Johannes Sehring – CEO, Travador

Social media is instrumental in rejuvenating your target group; in Travador’s case they successfully refined their initially vague parameters to a particular range of young adult to adult females with distinct interests. Once those interests are carved out, what follows is the act of catering to the target group’s interests via social media content.

Growing with Storyclash

Understanding your target group can involve a lot of time, research and resources. Travador decided to skip ahead of their competitors by using Storyclash to gain a significant social media advantage.

“Storyclash helps us better understand the interests of our target audience without much effort, giving us important insights on our competitors and current trends. This saves us a great deal of time. With the help of Storyclash, our community has grown a lot on Instagram, and we’ve tripled the number of followers over the last four months with over 200% growth!”

Katharina Spazierer – Head of Marketing, Travador

Indeed, both Facebook and Instagram played integral roles in strengthening Travador’s current overall fan / follower network.

Over the summer, they ran a social media contest which was originally only intended for Facebook: the chance to win two VIP tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert in Berlin. Through Storyclash, Travador recognized Ed Sheeran’s popularity on Instagram, so they decided to run the raffle on both FB and Instagram. The giveaway was a huge success and Travador gained 12.000 new Instagram followers over the short span of just 4 days, a growth rate of nearly 40%.

This raffle marked the starting point for building their Instagram community, one which has grown exponentially since the social media contest: 100,000 followers within less than 4 months at a growth rate of over 200%!

View this post on Instagram

🎤❤️ Gewinnspiel!! ED SHEERAN in Berlin ❤️🎤 Wir verlosen 2 VIP Tickets für das Konzert des Weltstars am 19.07.2018 in Berlin 😍 Was musst du tun, um am Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen? 1. Folge unserer Instagram Seite 2. Sag uns in den Kommentaren, wen du aufs Konzert mitnehmen willst! Was erwartet dich als VIP? – Business Seats der Kategorie 1 mit bester Sicht zur Bühne – Zugang über separaten VIP-Eingang – Drinks for free 🍾 – Delikates Buffet mit warmen und kalten Speisen 🍤 Das Gewinnspiel endet am 12.07.2018 um 23:59 Uhr. Viel Glück 🍀 Teilnahmebedingungen & Datenschutz: #travador #edsheeran #berlin #gewinnspiel #travel #kurzurlaub #fernweh #urlaub #letsgosomewhere #explore #bestfriends #couple #welltravelled #mountains #kurztrip #holidaytime #traveladdict #placestogo #trip #explore #abenteuerlust #vacation #holiday #exploremore #wanderlust #travelgram #livethelittlethings

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Observing the competition shouldn’t be a passive analytical activity and Travador knows this well. In fact, real-time data is a very important aspect for Travador. Watching their competitors with Storyclash allows them to discover the latest relevant trends in real-time, while also equipping the travel startup with a comprehensive dashboard where their own social media performance can be seen at a glance.

“A social media tool should be clear, self-explanatory and easy to use,” says Travador—naturally we couldn’t agree more, as these are qualities which Storyclash lines up with.

When it comes down to it, Storyclash grows Travador’s online presence while saving them a lot of time in the process.

Rankings and KPIs

We asked Travador what they thought about our monthly Social Media Rankings, whether or not they found them interesting or motivational.

“The (Storyclash) ranking is now an integral part of our work and a daily incentive to defend our title and outgrow ourselves.”

Johannes Sehring – CEO, Travador

Travador has consistently and consecutively ranked first place in our German Startup Ranking ever since we began including them in the monthly charts. In fact, the difference between them and second place is 175% on average—during their best months that lead jumps up to as much as 375%, demonstrating just how dominant Travador is against the other startups in this ranking. 

When questioned about which social media KPIs they find relevant, the answer cleverly avoids revealing the secret recipe to Travador’s success but also backs up their impressive win streak: engagement rate, community growth and economy (ROAS, etc.)

“Engagement” is one KPI that Storyclash monitors superbly, and Travador’s numbers through the year tell an interesting story which directly correlates with their community growth: over a 7-month period from January 2018 to July 2018, their Facebook interaction metrics declined. While they started off with 236.869 interactions in January and averaged similar numbers over the next 4 months, Travador’s Facebook engagement metrics started dipping after May.

In June they achieved 118.439 Facebook interactions, which is roughly 112.000 interactions shy of their usual total. Travador pulled in less than that in July: 85.663 interactions marked their lowest month since the start of the year.

Travador Instagram

This comes as no surprise to Travador, as they predicted it would happen due to Facebook’s declining organic reach. How they compensated for this decline is what makes Travador a social media success in the German startup ranking: instead of scratching their heads wondering how to fix their Facebook interaction rate, they focused their energy on building their Instagram community.

While Travador achieved between 2.000 and 6.000 monthly Instagram interactions between January 2018 and May 2018, engagement experienced dramatic spikes between July and August. This perfectly syncs up with their summer social media activity: the Ed Sheeran ticket giveaway occurred in July, culminating in 81.347 interactions for the month. In August, a single contest featuring a trip to the Maldives drew in over 39.000 interactions on its own!

At this pace, it’s entirely possible that Instagram will replace Facebook as Travador’s most essential social network…

Going forward

The travel startup’s closing assessment of the social media market in Germany is a wise one:

“Social media is still a very important channel for us and will probably always be. One development that needs to be kept in mind is that the declining organic reach on Facebook is leading other platforms to come to the fore. So we can already observe that the target group u20 is increasingly present on Instagram instead of Facebook.

Also, messenger marketing and chatbots is a trend that more and more companies use.”

Katharina Spazierer – Head of Marketing, Travador

With their continued use of Storyclash, Travador has every reason to keep succeeding. Convince yourself of Storyclash and watch in real-time to see which pages perform best!

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