Social Media Ranking France: Cooking videos are the new trend in France

ChefClub is the new leader with 7.6 Mio. interactions in January while 20 Minutes falls back to the 2nd place.

Social Media Ranking US: E!Online pushes into Top 10

E! Online pushes into the Top 10 by climbing up 8 ranks with an increase of 103,2% and over 50 million interactions.

Social Media Ranking UK: Top-Post shows epic fail

After taking the lead last month, UNILAD is still the #1 with 159 million interactions, but closely followed by The LAD Bible with 147 million interactions.

Social Media Ranking US: The incredible rise of Worldstar Hip Hop

Worldstar Hip Hop was able to climb up 44 ranks and directly to the top of the US Social Media Ranking.

Social Media Ranking France: 20 Minutes rushes to the top

20 Minutes is the new social media leader of France by kicking L’Equipe off the throne.

Social Media Ranking Schweiz: Izzy klettert stetig nach oben

Blick hat LikeMag überholt und das Ringier-Jugendmagazin Izzy nähert sich langsam der Spitzengruppe.

Social Media Ranking UK: How to wrap your cat for Christmas 101

UNILAD managed to overtake The LAD Bible with an increase of 13,8% and 164 million interactions in total.

Social Media Ranking Sweden: John Legend perfoms Bob Marley

The Top-Post of the month shows John Legend performing the Redemption song by Bob Marley.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: expands leadership managed to expand its leadership with an increase of 45,6% and 6.6 million interactions in total.

Social Media Ranking Deutschland: Kreisligafußball steigt auf Platz 21 ein

„Kreisligafußball – Das Bier gewinnt“ gelingt im Dezember mit Platz 21 der höchste Neueinstieg.

Social Media Ranking Österreich: mit Top-Posting

Das Top-Posting des Monats kommt im Dezember von

Social Media Ranking France: L’Equipe takes the lead

L’Equipe takes the lead with 7.2 million social interactions, followed by Sante+ Magazine and ChefClub France.