Surviving Facebook’s Feed Change

We analyzed how the Facebook Feed Change has affected media companies and how you can prevent those effects with Storyclash.

Media fairy tale: how miss became #1 on Facebook in Austria!

The woman magazine miss became Austria’s portal with the most interactions within only 6 months – with the help of Storyclash!

Social Interactions on Instagram are Outpacing Facebook

If you look at the recent data on Facebook & Instagram, you can see that Interactions on Instagram are outpacing Facebook over time.

Facebook’s New Chapter:
The Big News Feed Change

Zuckerberg announced that the company will be significantly altering the way its News Feed displays branded content and user updates!

Emotion = Virality?

Here at Storyclash we equip our users with the powerful ability to track viral content on social media. But having…

Mit Nostalgie zum Social Media Hit: So erreicht „Wisst-ihr-noch?“ wöchentlich 50 Millionen User!

Die Nostalgie-Community „Wisst-ihr-noch?“ erreicht durch eine datengetriebene Arbeitsweise wöchentlich über 50 Millionen Personen bei ca. 1.4 Millionen Fans in sozialen Medien!

From zero to hero – von 0 auf 5 Millionen Reichweite auf Facebook in 6 Monaten!

5 Monate nach dem Launch der Seite erreicht „Geniale Technik“ wöchentlich über 2 Millionen Menschen mit viralen Tech-Videos auf Facebook!

Mit geringem Budget zu enormer Reichweite: Social Media Content Discovery bei FutureTV

Was braucht es um einen viralen Brand in sozialen Medien aufzubauen und wie lange dauert das? Welches Budget ist dafür notwendig?

„Wisst-ihr-noch?“ became a viral trendsetter with nostalgia in social media!

The nostalgia-community „Wisst-ihr-noch?“ reaches with its data-driven approach more than 50 million people on Facebook!

From zero to hero – from 0 to 5 million people reached on Facebook within only 6 months!

Five months after launching the Facebook Fanpage „Geniale Technik“ it reaches more than 2 million people per week with viral tech videos!

Enormous reach with a small budget: Social Media Content Discovery Lessons by FutureTV

That does it take to create a viral social brand and how long does it take to succeed? Which financial resources are necessary?

VICE Media: mit pre-viralen Trends zu mehr Reichweite und Traffic

VICE Media ist heute das größte globale Jugend-Medienunternehmen und verwendet Storyclash Insights für Content-Discovery und Mitbewerber-Analyse.