Social Media Ranking of Airlines: Qatar Airways takes off thanks to viral video

Qatar Airways managed to defend the leading position by posting a viral video. The following places go to Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Social Media Ranking of Airlines: Qatar Airways on top

Qatar Airways managed to take the lead in the Ranking of International Airlines by achieving 1.175.547 interactions in February.

DAX Ranking: Adidas erfolgreichstes Unternehmen auf Social Media

Adidas führt das DAX-Ranking mit 1.891.647 Social Media Interaktionen im Februar klar an, gefolgt vom Autohersteller Volkswagen und der Deutschen Lufthansa.

Formula 1 Ranking: Red Bull Racing takes the first place on Social Media before the season starts

The official F1 season hasn’t even started, but Red Bull Racing already took first place in the category „Social Media“ with 3.542.435 social interactions.

4 Best Social Media Practices to learn from the Pros

When it comes to social media, there are 4 best practices which we’ve identified certain brands are exercising.

Social Interactions on Instagram are Outpacing Facebook

If you look at the recent data on Facebook & Instagram, you can see that Interactions on Instagram are outpacing Facebook over time.