Social Media Ranking Serbia (ARCHIVE: October 2018)

Here you’ll find a list of Serbia’s top media sites according to their social media performance. This is the Social Media Ranking Serbia for October 2018!

Social Media Ranking Serbia (Updated: November 2018)

Here is the Serbian Social Media Ranking for November 2018! Using current data-driven insights, we rank the most social media savvy media…

Social Media Ranking Serbia: Blic exceeds 1 million interactions

Blic Online exceeds 1 million interactions in September’s Social Media Ranking Serbia as Dnevna doza lepog slightly misses the same social media milestone.

Social Media Ranking Serbia: Blic Online gains nearly 1 million interactions

Kurir slipped to 3rd place, allowing Blic to rise up and sit on the social media throne with almost 1 million total interactions in the July Serbia ranking…