Social Media Ranking Netherlands: overtakes RTL Nieuws

With 1.7 million interactions, slides back into the Top 5, pushing RTL Nieuws down to 6th place in the Netherlands Social Media Ranking.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: Voetbalzone shoots itself into the Top 3

Voetbalzone enters the Social Media Ranking Netherlands by reaching the fabulous 3rd place with 2.3 million interactions in total.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: NH Nieuws with Top Performance

The Top-Performance of the month was achieved by NH Nieuws with an increase of 24,2 % and 279.828 social interactions.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: expands leadership managed to expand its leadership with an increase of 45,6% and 6.6 million interactions in total.

Social Media Ranking Netherlands: is new social media leader is the new social media leader in the Netherlands! Cosmopolitan NL with the top performance of the month with an increase of 268%.

Dutch Social Media Ranking: Zondag met Lubach lands viral hit

Zondag met Lubach lands viral hit on Facebook and climbs up 22 places in the Social Media Ranking with an increase of 251% compared to September.

Dutch Social Media Ranking: De Telegraaf & Het Parool with top performances

The top performances within the top 10 performing group were achieved by Metro Holland and Het Parool.

Dutch Social Media Ranking: NOS one step ahead of

NOS is the new leader of social media with 1.8 million interactions in total, closely followed by with 1.8 million as well and RTL Nieuws.

Dutch Social Media Ranking: RTL Nieuws still leader, right behind

RTL Nieuws is still in leading position with over 1.9 million interactions, but is right behind it.

Dutch Social Media Ranking in June: NH with top viral story

NH climbs 5 ranks up in June with an increase of over 48 percent compared to May while RTL Nieuws defends the leading position.

Social Media Ranking of the Netherlands in May

RTL Nieuws, and De Telegraaf are again in leading position, but with a huge increase of social media interactions!

Top Dutch social media publishers in April

A massive decrease of interactions within the top group, RTL Nieuws still on top!