Social Media Ranking UK: Top-Post shows epic fail

After taking the lead last month, UNILAD is still the #1 with 159 million interactions, but closely followed by The LAD Bible with 147 million interactions.

Social Media Ranking UK: How to wrap your cat for Christmas 101

UNILAD managed to overtake The LAD Bible with an increase of 13,8% and 164 million interactions in total.

Social Media Ranking UK: The LAD Bible is the king of Instagram

Thanks to Instagram The LAD Bible takes the lead with 57 million Instagram interactions alone.

Social Media Ranking UK: shoots itself into the Top 15

The main success of October was achieved by The website about soccer shoots itself right into the Top 15 with an increase of incredible 1513%!

UK Social Media Ranking: A hero stirs to tears

The Top Post of the month is the story about a brave hero called Rick Rescorla, who saved 2.700 lives on 9/11.

UK Social Media Ranking: UNILAD indomitable

UNILAD seems indomitable with 108 million interactions, followed by the usual suspects The LAD Bible and Viral Thread.

UK Social Media Ranking: Over 100 million interactions!

Pretty 52 and Twisted with a top performance each while UNILAD reaches over 100 million interactions in the month of July alone.

UK Social Media Ranking in June: The Sun with top performance

The Sun is the top performer of June with a 30 % increase of interactions compared to the previous month.

The UK Social Media Ranking in May

Top performance by The Independent Online with an increase of 58 % while the Top 5 didn’t change much.

Top social media publishers in UK in April

UNILAD still dominates the UK’s Social Media Ranking with more than 80 million interactions!

The UK Social Media Ranking: The Trends in March

Unilad once again takes the leading position in the UK’s Social Media Rankings with over 85 million interactions in total.