Storyclash regularly publishes rankings of social media trends and reports about online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes, shares, comments and reactions that trending articles generate. When comparing the top media publishers in social networks, it is the best method to review and rank them according to their total number of interactions related to the posts, not just the number of likes.

In cooperation with MediaShift, we have put together trending articles with the most interactions in May.

The Huffington Post overtakes Shareably

As expected, The Huffington Post is at the top of the list in the month of May, as it was able to reach an astounding number of 24 million interactions during this month. The Huffington Post minimized the gap to the other competitors rapidly in May, climbed up to the 1st rank on the podium and thereby pushed down Shareably to the second place. With a total of 19.5 million interactions, the media broadcaster Shareably registered a decrease of 19 percent, which only resulted in the second place this month.

USA Today dropes down 5 ranks

The key success in the month of May can be attributed to CNN and The Washington Post, as both have accomplished an outstanding upsurge in their number of social media user interactions, both sites therefore moved several ranks. The breaking news sites so far have built up a lucrative empire and are writing an inspiring victory story with their continuous viral posts. In contrast, the biggest letdown within the top 10 was USA Today. The internationally renowned American daily newspaper dropped down 5 ranks and lost it’s 2nd place on the podium, because of a decrease in interactions of 38.6 percent.

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