Storyclash regularly publishes social media rankings by analyzing online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes, shares, comments and reactions that trending articles trigger.

Shareably for the first time leader of Social Media 

The Top Sites in April are headed by Shareably, a website with stories from all over the world. Shareably, with a recent increase of 43%, was able to continue it’s good performance of the last months and is now the new leader with over 24 million social media interactions, followed by USA Today with almost 24 million interactions. The Huffington Post lost a few ranks and is now on the 3rd position with almost 24 million interactions as well. The first three ranks are almost equal in interactions, which shows

The biggest leap forward within the top performing group was achieved by BoredPanda, which accomplished an increase of 19.5 % in its number of social media interactions. The website, which is an art, design and photography community for creative people. climbed up 3 ranks in total.

In contrast, Bright Side and the Washington Post lost a few places compared to the previous month. Bright Side, a website filled with uplifting Quotes, Stories and Videos dropped down four ranks and therefore lost it’s place on the podium. The Washington Post lost even seven places in the classification compared to the previous month.

Bizarre mugshots attract interest

The Top Post in April is an article about bizarre mugshots, which got over 1.6 million social media interactions in total. The second best article, on the other hand, is about the effects that beaches can have on the human mind and the way they can change your brain in an incredibly way.

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