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VICE Media is the biggest global youth-media-company nowadays with 38 offices worldwide. VICE manages to „continue to grow while other companies dig for fans“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and „taz“ considers VICE as „maybe the most innovative media company in the world„. VICE employs 140 people in Germany right now and the team, which is located in Berlin, is growing rapidly. The Social Media Monitoring- and Content-Discovery Tool Storyclash Insights is a part of the journey.

Social Media + Unique Content = Growth!

The driving force of VICE is the production and distribution of video-content for Generation-Y. VICE considers itself as market-leader in this segment and produces unique content which is shared on all VICE portals and especially on social media, which is highly relevant for video-content. The target-group, Generation-Y, is still to be found on Facebook. Kai Strehler (Head of Audience DE – VICE Media GmbH) emphasizes furthermore, that in the meantime other channels such as Instagram and Snapchat became very important to reach Generation-Y. Therefore VICE is one of the first media-partners that uses Snapchat Discovery in Germany.

“Social Media is getting more and more important for publishers. We need to evaluate new channels quickly and if there’s a fit, we need to be a first mover. Disovering and using new trends is highly relevant for us!”
Kai Strehler (Head of Audience DE – VICE Media GmbH)

Competitor-Analysis and Content-Discovery with Storyclash

A lot of stories that VICE Germany reports on are found by using Storyclash Insights as Content-Discovery Tool. VICE editors are using the tool to discover pre-viral trends and decide if they should report on them – before they go viral. The obvious advantage: the team can handle new topics before others do. The story is ready to be posted as soon as it gets public attention which furthermore drives reach and traffic.
Storyclash Insights is also used by VICE to monitor the performance of competitors. KPIs like engagement and fan-growth help to analyze the social media strategy of competitors historically and especially in real-time.

The story of the „Einwanderermob“ von Schornstein (German only) is an example of how Content-Discovery with Storyclash Insights is done. The story was even handled by Meedia (German only) after VICE reported on it. VICE discovered the story with Storyclash and dug deeper.

VICE Verticals: perfectly covering the target group

To cover the VICE target-group perfectly, VICE came up with several verticals like VICE News, Noisey (music platform), MUNCHIES (food related), and Broadly, especially for women related topics. Some of those verticals come along with very successful YouTube channels. All in all, VICE reaches 5 million subscribers and generates more than 100 million video views.

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